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Sarah Bartlett, known as S.B. Bartlett in the writing world, was born in New Zealand on July 20th, 1986.

Bartlett’s course of life shifted in November 2015 when her daughter showed her an app – Book Write – which served as a mobile writing platform. Inspiration struck; she began writing a story through the app, and then went from typing a story on her phone to typing on her laptop in a serious and dedicated manner. The words kept flowing and before she knew it, she completed her first novel by January 2016.

When her children were away on holiday with their dad, Bartlett took a break from editing her first novel and was inspired to write a short story for her daughter to read when she came back home. She originally called it A Teenage Witch, which was later on changed to A Teenage Enchantress. She set her mind to get it published and set out to find an editor. Maria Al Ameen, the editor whom she found a friend in, helped refine and shape her writing to make way for her debut novella, A Teenage Enchantress: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the first book in the A Teenage Enchantress series, which was self-published in March 2016. The sequel, A Teenage Enchantress: With Light Comes Darkness, was published in October 2016 and the third book in the series is due for release in early 2017.

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When not busy creating fantasy worlds, Bartlett can be found creating joyful memories with her children such as baking sweet treats and fun trips to the beach, and spending quality time with her family. She loves to spend her free time writing, reading, drawing, listening to music and designing her website.

Bartlett was once asked, “What do your fans mean to you?” To which she replied, “My fans mean everything to me, because without them, my stories would remain unread and the magic would diminish. I love connecting with fans, and try to respond to them directly whenever I can. I’m thankful to have them on this journey with me.”

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Bartlett moved to Sydney, Australia with her mum when she was two years of age. In 2013, she moved from Brisbane, Australia to Tasmania, Australia to be with her family. She has 8 siblings.

Bartlett graduated from Quakers Hill High School and attended Wyndham College in Sydney, Australia. She holds a Cert II in hospitality and works in a small town café today.

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