There are many myths and misinformation about the art of editing. As a result, editors tend to be misunderstood due to the negative aura of untruths around them. With these following 5 myths, I would like to clarify some things and clear up the misconceptions that arise when editors come to mind. Keep on reading!

You may sometimes feel like the English language is conspiring against you. Growing up, you learn the countless rules of grammar, and then one day learn that what you thought you knew is wrong, such as the fact that there is nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with a conjunction. Therefore, the following list highlights the most common misuse of words and a brief explanation of each, for your reference. Keep on reading!

It’s never easy to hear people criticizing your work. There’s an innate part in all of us that strives to hear positive remarks when we’re involved. Thus, to receive criticism regarding something that you’ve spilled your heart and soul on, and most probably sleepless nights over, is a tough pill to swallow. You might not like people criticizing your plot, characters and overall writing. However, it’s very important for you to learn how to take and accept criticism, because they should be what make you strive to become better. Keep on reading!

Sarah Bartlett, known as S.B. Bartlett in the writing world, was born in New Zealand on July 20th, 1986.

Bartlett’s course of life shifted in November 2015 when her daughter showed her an app – Book Write – which served as a mobile writing platform. Inspiration struck; she began writing a story through the app, and then went from typing a story on her phone to typing on her laptop in a serious and dedicated manner. The words kept flowing and before she knew it, she completed her first novel by January 2016. Keep on reading!

So your manuscript is complete after laboriously working on it for days and months, perhaps even years. What next? If you look to publish it at once, you’re in for a disappointment. Any good book, before getting published, has to undergo a lot of editing and proofreading by a skilled editor. In fact, as a writer, the first impression you make with your audience depends on how well your book reads. Keep on reading!

Anyone can write down words on a piece of paper. However, not everyone can write in an effective manner to get their thoughts across to the reader. The art of writing plays an important role in an author’s success. An educational spelling game I used to play during childhood on the computer, called Spelling Jungle, had a spelling wizard called Yobi who kept on parroting words that echoes in my mind to this very day:
“If it is worth writing, it is worth writing right.”

The journey towards publishing your written work can be very challenging when you think about all that is involved in the process, not to mention usually a costly one. You will need to invest in having your book both professionally edited and proofread, in addition to marketed in a proactive manner. The former is our topic of focus here. There are many writers out there that are in search of such services, and it can be a lengthy time period and a costly decision when choosing to work with big-name editing groups.

Save On Money
Alternatively, you have a cost-effective option. More and more authors today are turning to freelance editors in order to cut down on the editing budget, and to perhaps allocate those savings for marketing and promotion purposes. When you find the right freelance editor to work with, you will be able to invest in other aspects necessary for your book release.

The One-On-One Relationship
Another reason as to why authors are turning towards freelance editors is because they establish a direct relationship with someone that can give them their full attention and valuable input when the author needs it most. Rather than dealing with a company that is juggling multiple clients at one time, you can have someone that is not tackling on so many projects at once and can give you the attention that you and your book deserve. Response time will be within a short time span, and you will find that freelance editors will go the extra mile in order to stand out from the crowd. This is an ultimate win-win for you as you cut down on your book editing cost and get more than you sign up for.

Claim It All for Yourself
All in all, having a freelance book editor and proofreader has its perks and advantages, especially if you are looking to self-publish. Suppose you hire a big reputable publishing firm that is in charge of refining your book. Such companies tend to claim a share of your profits, especially if they sense that your book will be well met by readers all over the world. Wouldn’t you want to claim 100% of your book sales without being tied down with commission fees stipulated by your publishing firm?

The self-publishing journey may be daunting, but with the right people on your team, you will find the process a much easier one. Take the time to seek out someone that could single-handedly take care of your book editing and proofreading, make sure that you would feel comfortable with them, and then take a steady step into the self-publishing arena.

What are you waiting for? Take the initiative and begin your journey into the self-publishing world here!

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