Let’s discuss your manuscript editing! If you have written a book or are in the process of writing one, then place your trust in Strike-Through’s editor to polish your written words in a proficient and efficient manner. She can also help you proceed with your story if you are in the midst of a writer’s block

You can have your document edited in either method:

1. The Striker: Return document with editing corrections and comments. (The more expensive option.)
2. The Tracker: Return document with changes incorporated and ready for print. (The cheaper option.)


The StrikerThe TrackerThe Writer

Important Notice: The fee will depend on your preferred editing method (Track or Integrate) and expected time frame of project completion, which is thus dependent on your quality of writing. Most projects require a deadline of 3-4 weeks based on the editor’s availability. *Books falling under the erotica genre will not be accepted.

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